Rwanda’s leading newspaper The New Times interviewed yoga teacher Aline Mazimpaka about teaching yoga, she shares lots of information about classes in Kigali with Yego Yoga and beyond!

Local celebrity Makeda did a feature on Yoga in Rwanda with a little demo (yes Makeda did yoga!) and interviews with Yego Yoga co-founder and instructor Allie Huttinger and the ever-energetic Joseph Dushimimana, founder and instructor of Holistic Fitness Rwanda.




The New Times, Yoga: Mazimpaka on the spiritual, psychological , by Moses Opobo
 “Let me start with how I started to practice yoga, I was a student at the National University of Rwanda in second year (Social Work) and we were studying relaxation techniques when the lecturer, an American woman mentioned yoga among the relaxation techniques. It was the first time I understood what yoga is all about,” explains Mazimpaka Aline, one of the few certified yoga instructors in the country. 
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The New Times, Yoga: A perfect remedy, by Samantha Teta
 “Anyone can do yoga because it is really diverse and anyone can find what suits them. I have taught yoga from children to adults, overweight to underweight people, men and women. My oldest student was 87 years old and so Yoga is definitely for everyone who is curious, desires change and wants to be the best versions of themselves,” Allie says.  The article features comments from Yego Yoga’s Allie, and also from Kigali yogis Michael Gasana and Brina Miles.
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The East African, A therapeutic, relaxing discipline, yoga conquers Rwandan heartsJean Pierre Afadhali
 Despite being an ancient practice, yoga is new in Rwanda, and it is fast becoming popular.  The discipline is now practiced in various parts of Kigali and in towns outside the city, where weekly classes help practitioners of the therapeutic practice to live a relaxed, healthy life and keep fit. [read the article online]




The New Times, Yoga: perfect way to relax, by Joseph Oindo

You don’t have to be an expert in yoga or have any knowledge of yoga philosophy to enjoy the physical and mental benefits, just show up and give it a try.” Mary Patton adds, “Yoga brings a sense of ease and calm to those who practice it. When you’re feeling stressed, practice yoga and the stress will go away. You also have a good sleep after doing yoga.”  The article features comments from Yego Yoga’s  co-founders Mary Patton Davis and Allie Huttinger. [read the article online]




Kigali Moms and Dads: Five Affirmations to incorporating Yoga and Meditation into Your Busy Schedule, by Allie Huttinger
Having kids can make it almost impossible to dedicate time for wellness in ways that used to be easy – our responsibilities and priorities change. But you’re reading this, which means in a minor or major way you are interested in making a change…Here are five affirmations and supporting tips from Yego Yoga co-founder and instructor Allie Huttinger
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