Located in Kimihurura, 12 KG 674 at Zenith Hotel.
From the stone road  KN 14 turn onto KG 674, the same road as Papyrus, Republika and WAKA.  City Arts is opposite WAKA on the Compound of Zenith Hotel, the entrance is to the left of the main gate. Enter the gate and you will see a white building on the left side with a City Arts sign, go up the stairs to the studio room.  Paid street parking on KG 674.
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Inema Art Center

Located in Kacyiru near Telecom House.
On KG 7, passing Umubano/Novotel Hotel on your right, continue to the next street (KG 546) and turn right, take your first left (KG 563 / Solace Way), Inema is the 4th plot on the right.  Free street parking on KG 563.
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