Beginner Yoga

Yoga for everybody!  Beginners are encouraged to attend. This is a class focusing on breath, concentration and low-impact movement.  Yoga poses will be demonstrated and explained by the instructor.  There will be standing, seated and lying down poses and the class ends with deep relaxation.  The style of yoga that is practiced is vinyasa, we emphasize good form working up to sun salutations and modified primary series poses.

Power Yoga

Power Yoga taught Africa Yoga Project Style!  Be prepared to sweat and feel great. The class is delivered at a medium pace with poses held for a number of breaths and flowing movement between the poses.  Expect the classics: sun salutations, warrior poses, standing balancing poses and core work.  Suitable for beginners who are physically active on a regular basis.

Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa is a term used in yoga to describe the act of ‘placing carefully’, this class will always be a little different with something new for all students.  You can expect to be led through a flowing practice that weaves sun salutations, slow and faster paced poses and transitions into a moving meditation. Suitable for students who have some yoga expereince.


Sequential poses of Hatha Yoga are practiced in a room heated to 40 degrees Celsius, 50% humidity.  The heat and humidity help to ease pain, promote deep breathing and find full expression of the yoga poses.  Yoga poses will be demonstrated and explained by the instructor.  The poses will incorporate some of the Bikram series, but will vary in each session.  Please bring your own large towel for practice.  Bring a shower towel and change of clothes.  Best to drink lots of water throughout the day and avoid eating for 2 hours before class.

Ashtanga Vinysasa

The original dynamic yoga: poses are held for short periods of time and follow a set sequence, transitions between the poses are active.  You will revisit the same poses in each class – the poses don’t change but we do – consistency allows students to see progress in their ability.  Suitable for all students.

Prenatal  / POSTNATAL  / AcroYoga /  Yoga for Kids / Pilates / Meditation

We also offer special classes and workshops depending on demand from you the clients, these classes can also be scheduled as private or small group classes or for special events, please contact us and share what you are interested in, we love to hear from you!